Saturday, December 20, 2008

Non stop movie time

haha.. same as my title none stop movie's time, went to Timesquare for the new movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" on 17th. This is an very meaningful movie, the movie show out how human bad habbit to the earth, and why Keanu here to help, check it out. Ya the movie times still continue on 18th watched "Ip Man" at Cineleisure, wow.. Donnie Yen has very nice kung fu skill(WingChung) in this movie, and bring out how chinese brave to counter those Japanese. heard news that Ip Man will come out 2nd episod, and the director of this movie will consider Jay Chou as Bruce Lee in "Ip Man 2"!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pc fair

pc fair was come so fast, and also gone so fast. althought i am not going. but i still feel the excited at pcfair. so the last day same as usual but not that usual, bcoz i am 1st time to wait all of my collegues come back to shop. and carry all the rest items back to the shop. and has a great supper with my collegues . so now i am checking around my friends blog or some pcfair related link to see babes work for pcfair ^^

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i think every body must know that guys are love to game, do u all know why? for me, i like to play FPS(first person shooting) and Speeding( cant speed on the road, so speed in the game haha), why FPS game? bcoz its so excited to play and can mulitplayer with friends wont feel bored. Sommore the graphics card getting cheaper and cheaper. hey girls and guys, time to try gaming to relax ur self ; - )

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


today hang out with some colleagues after work, we went to SKYBAR(fully recomended by Jeffrey lai) , it located at nearby KLCoventionCentre, so we have alot of fun there, chit chat and catch alot of picture. Skybar is a very beutiful place, have a very good view for KL city, so relax, considering go again for this coming Christmas, who wanna join? hahahaha

Saturday, November 22, 2008


我做音乐不是在举办辩论大会 辩论自己对音乐有多会 买的器材有多贵 炫耀自己有多可贵 我的音乐 你们排队 看演唱会 我说得对 我做得对 我的绝对 你会不会?会不会拿音乐来比来比去 那么爱笔 我就去便利商店买支笔给你 来比比比丘比 比丘比丘比丘比 比较来比较去 比较来比较去 比……比卡丘!”

Saturday, November 15, 2008

damn funny

wondering why always go to watch movies, mayb still alone(haha) or nothing better to do? so today nothing special went to watch movie also, the movie name is "Madagascar 2" . wow.. this is very funny movie, luagh non stop from start until the end. worth to check out this kind of funny movie.

and now sit at my room face to my pc , suft the internet and check mail, but i recieved a email name "letter from tang san zhang‏" forward by 1 of my friend. here is the content for the mail , come and have a look .

DAMN!!! laugh out loud!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

James Bond Quantum Of Solace

today went to cineleisure to watch a most hot movie in town "Quantum Of Solace"at 1140pm, at 1st we can't get any ticket online even purchase by credit card, but one of my collegue(Lim) he is so pro because he can get the ticket(summore there are very nice angle to enjoy the movie). but too bad was ask somebody there, but get rejected. luckily the movie story was so excited , so without you, still can enjoy such a good film(hahahaha).

Monday, November 3, 2008


at last, finish 3days at Ikano for the shop(ALL IT HYPERMARKET) grand opening, very happy that can return to lowyat for work, very bored at Ikano , all was so busy. how ever already past and have a very great night yesterday, went to redbox again(celebrate for the end of grand opening?).

new month has come again, have to reset the target , hope a new month have a new and great result!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Core i7 architecture

today went to an very useful Intel new CPU training, the name Core 2 Duo no more, come out another name call "Core i7" the cpu are runing a new technology, the Fsb is replaced by Quickpath its runing 4.8 GT/s to 6.4 GT/s major improve compare with FSB. The memory controller is on the processor, no more seprate chip , the memory support DDR3 Ram and runing 3channel( only support DDR3), etc. So this is the major improvement for the intel chip, will wait for the processor come out, Intel confirmed that the release will occur in November, but did not specify a date. so guys, its time to change processor again!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pefect day

today sunday right? but i wonder why that the business so bad today , all people just walking around.

At the night went to watch the new movie "Max Payne" but the time is 11.10pm, what should do after work 8.00pm? so walk around Sg Wang, and very lucky that i can still found a Jay Chou lastest original CD+DVD (魔杰座 support original! haha) also walk around Lot10 and PAvilion. Wait until the movie start, that is very good movie and sound system, the bullet sound and slow motion u can reliaze that was a very famous game b4, hope to install again but the CD gone(still cd not dvd).

how ever this a very nice movie and very worth to watch it, and dont forget to buy jay chou original nice!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Such a nice film

today went to watch "Connected"保持通話 cast by Loius koo, Big S, Nick Cheong ,Liu Ye etc, the story was remake of the Hollywood film "Cellular". The storylines are wonderful and funny. This film very worth to watch it, check out this film since it gonna be expired in cinema.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

everything will be okay

just sent u a msg. that's a msg that was long time in my heart, at last i sent it to you by today. i think everything will be fine after this.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sister Wedding

Yesterday was the very good memorable day, bcoz that was my sister wedding dinner last night, and 1st time to see my father and mother look so happy, and special thank to all my buddy to attend the dinner. Drink too much for last night(haha dont know why not sleepy yet, usually 2 bottle will make me fall in sleep) might be happy and excited.

So today i woke up so early, bcoz i am the guy to open the car door for my Brother-in-Law. took alot picture will upload soon. Cheers~

Thursday, August 28, 2008


so lucky for today, get four premiere tickets for BABYLON A.D by my friend(actualy is by our boss).so the movie start at 9.00pm but we finish work at 8pm, what to do ? so we punch out very early today, but the movie already started when we arrived. the movie was very nice while starting, but not so good for the end. still consider as a very good movie(Vin Diesel ma!).how ever still very happy because this is my 1st time to watch a premiere movie. after finish the movie so we have our dinner in Taman Pertama at around 12am(haha actualy not a dinner is a supper already).

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

today what to do?

today was woke up at 1pm(why so late huh? bcoz off today!),was awake few times bcoz of my friend JE, i was promised him that today gonna bring him to Shamelin have a look for the new shoping centre shop slots. so b4 we go for shamelin,we have our breakfast(wei.. breakfast or lunch huh?)at maluri jusco, and bought a new blouse and a leather shoe for my sister wedding dinner 1(hahaha.. her wedding but look like mine also). so after our lunch and shoping, we go for the Shamelin and have a look for the shop show units, i think JE will do alot research and consider for the shop slot.

after i fetch JE back home, i back home too.. and rest until night, then having very excited badminton exercise. so until now 2.04am just reached home and luckily arrived earlier bcoz raining now.. if now will become a 落汤鸡.

Padini Long sleeve shirt and Alain Delon Leather shoe for my sister wedding dinner

Monday, August 25, 2008

death race

today after work go home very quick, my mom shock and asked, why so early come back? today no cook for me, haha anyway i knew that actualy. suddenly my friend ah lim he ask me to go watch movie, suddenly feel excited bcoz hang out with friend, so? wat movie i watched? i watched Death Race, not very well for the story line , but the surround sounds and the cars are amazing, feel the seat are shaking(too loud edi la wei!) so if wanna feel for the sound and the tense go for Death Race(check it out!)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Asus EEE Box (Intel Atom Processor)

do you believe that this is a PC? haha. Ya!!! true! this is a pc. it included processor, memory, harddisk, built in gigabit lan and wifi(b,g,n sommore!!!) and also Operating system(xp home original).


今天是星期四,在早晨下了一场倾盆大雨. 在我到达了停车场,我发现其实我是没带雨伞,呆呆站在停车场里大概十分钟,终于我也选择跑过去lowyat搞到像个落汤鸡(哈哈)




Tuesday, August 19, 2008


在很久很久以前有一对很恩爱的情侣,他们的名字叫做杰伊和逸恩,他们过着很开心的日子,偶尔也会骂架,有时候男的也会忽略了怎样去关心一个女孩,久而久之女孩开始对男孩少了信心,男孩还不知道女孩的心情,还继续这样忽略下去. 有一天女孩终于遇到了一个很关心她的一个男孩,逸恩很犹豫怕会伤害杰伊,结果偷偷跟第二个男孩一起.终于有一天杰伊一直拨电给逸恩但没人回答,他一直不停的拨打,最后逸恩很生气的那起电话说到:我在跟朋友聊天可以迟点再打来吗!? 杰伊就乖乖听话 等的二十分钟再拨电给逸恩,但过了二十分钟逸恩很不耐烦的说:不如我们分手吧!杰伊很无奈的问为什么,逸恩也没给他什么答案。第二天逸恩开始没接杰伊的电话了,杰伊觉得很伤心很难过,他问自己为什么逸恩要这样对他,终于有一天他发现逸恩已经有了的二个男朋友还对他很好和在事业上也有很好的成绩,杰伊开始明白和慢慢放开逸恩也祝福他们有很好的未来。虽然他的名字叫杰伊但他一点也不介意逸恩离开他的理由,过后杰伊也开始他自己的新生活。


Sunday, August 17, 2008



晚上我么去到一家香港火涡店吃晚餐,很丰富 有超过十多种浆料和汤底很多选择 还看到香港和本地的明星在那儿用餐呢(不大出名的)


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

生日快乐 Happy Birthday!

today is her birthday, i just sent a msg to her, don't think to get her something for her birthday, but i am fully wish her all the best.(feel not so comfort bcoz celebrate with her every years but not this year,hahaha ofcoz la.. ppl not your girlfriend any more)any how, no matter she know or don't know i still have to say "happy birthday" to her!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


今天我的姐姐终于跟他的男朋友订婚了,想起他们快要结婚我也很开心啊.但他们今天去注册我也没抽时间出席真的蛮坏和不像是她的弟弟.想到他们快要结婚,屋子里就少了一个人,少了双筷子,但每逢大日子就会多了一双筷,也蛮好的.哈哈 热闹嘛.虽然我没出席但我还是会祝福他们的!

Friday, August 8, 2008


今天约了一斑朋友一起去看Mummy3,在进去之前我们原本想到Marrybrown随便叫点东西吃就okay了,但没想到要等一段时间才有的吃,所以最后我们还是吃了Mcdonald,在买burger的途中我看到一个从外国来的游客,她竟然问Mcdonald的员工有没有menu,员工很不耐烦的回答:这里没有什么menu全部都在上面.搞了很久那个女人才可以买到食物给她的4个孩子吃(我在旁边听,感觉蛮搞笑的). 吃完晚餐后我们就出发去戏院准备去看期待已久的Mummy3,但看了之后觉得不是那么期待的感觉,有点不像在做mummy3, 但还好啦动作还有画面也不错.也算是不错的一部电影.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


8月4号 今天是晴天, 天气蛮好的.
今天睡到2点才懂得起身,但起身后觉得还没完全清醒,可能是昨天的PCFAIR搞到很夜所以特别好睡(哈哈). 过后我找朋友一起去吃早餐(午餐了啦),心血来潮的想去MALURI的JUSCO,结果我跟我的朋友就去了哪儿吃午餐. 很久都没到这里了,来到了过后想起很多很多的回忆(我跟她的咯). 吃了午餐后,我们走了一会儿看见很多东西都变了,短短的时间也改变得蛮快的吧.所以说啊,过去就过去了没得回头,就好像2008年的7月已经过去了永远不会回来的.所以该向前看了吧,想想自己的前途啊.


Monday, August 4, 2008

finally end

today is last day for pc fair, sales consider not bad for my self, i love the customers who will do full survey for the item they planning to buy(no nit to explain so much ; sometimes nit to explain much but they wont treat u are telling the truth.. so boring for that... hahaha). we arrange all the stock at 8.45pm(so early? hahaha.. all ppl still doing sales.. we so fast to arrange everything ready to go back LowYat, after that still have to trolley by trolley from ground floor to 3rd floor to send everythings back to the shop). after that we have our supper at "Hang Tuah", usually after pc fair our boss will treat us to eat some delicious food. so happy that we are only 8ppl can eat up to 22 bowls of regular rice(so exaggerated and the restoran worker there feel shock too...hahaha).So tired for today, luckily tomolo is my offday(have to sleep whole monday already!)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Been there again

yesterday was went to a stick house name "Bubba Gumb" have a dinner with some colleagues, ordered a mama southern chicken chop(but cant finish it, too much already la), this was my second time been there for dinner. after our dinner , we walk around at The curve and shoot some picture there and i heard a very good music, but i cant recognize that until today i still finding for that song(haih still cant get it)

today , at last the high end PC get ready for send to customer , but too bad is the driver are busying to send things to pc fair(KLCCentre) , so force to deliver my self, funny is i don't even know where the customer stay, luckily that my friend borrow me a GPS system, so that i can completed settle my troubles(thx to Jeff and Marding). and also thx to Ah Chin to help me to carry so many things(appreciate it)

this is the lift where the customer stay

Friday, July 25, 2008

was scared

hmm.. yesterday i quoted a consider high end's PC to a customer, but i never request any deposite for the item he was reserved, but very lucky is ,today the customer come back to me and pass me a cheque for the item he was reserved from me(feel very happy but act nothing happen hahahaha). So i collect all the item ready to bring in to technical room for assemble, but the funny is, for the fan of the processor does'nt fit to the motherboard, how can a recommended processor can't fit in the high end motherboard(wat d hell), end's up have to giv two processor fan for free(zzzzzz). But still very happy that can sell a high end PC by my self(hahahaha).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


今天(也许是每天)我又想起她了,其实真的很后悔,当初也许该对她好一点(应该是要很好很好)也许真的不够吧,跟她分开的日子, 我真的真的很想再见她,看她还好吗?有什么改变吗? 没有她在的日子真的有点不习惯(已经分开8个多月了). 到现在也很想跟她说我还很爱她,她相信吗?有用吗?好啦,只想在这里撒些感情(已经知道没有机会的也不想让她知道所以才写华文的),知道她还好还开心就够啦!(很伟大吧?也许是假装的吧?)




Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Haha.. very happy

Just came back from Genting, now already 5.09am, tomorrow(actualy is today) still have to wake up early for work. But still very excited so cant get sleep for now. Today evening 1 of my friend who are studying at Australia, he nvr forget my birthday and call to office while working (so happy). We have our dinner at Gohtong jaya, after our dinner we decided to go up Genting hill. After we reached Genting, one of my friend bring me to 1st World casino and won RM110(so lucky huh?), after that we drink and talk at Hotel Resort Coffee Bean. Too bad is, when going back home i meet a police roadblock and paid RM50 because over meter. But i still very happy because i get few presents from my bestfriends. Thx to u all!!!

Kungfu Panda ThumbDrive 2GB
GoldKey Necklace
Transcend 250GB External HardDisk

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

21st Birthday yeah~

happy birthday to me , happy birthday to me , happy birthday to my self, happy birthday to me~ 恭祝我福寿与天齐,兴贺我生圣快乐, 年年都有今日, 岁岁都有今朝, 恭喜我恭喜我!! yeah.
so fast i am 21st years old now, here i wan to say alot, but i make it short, thanks to all my friends and family, bring me alot happiness and good memorial. After work i will celebrate with all my friends and colleagues at Genting today, look forward for it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just want to tell the truth

Today after work, my friend asked me where to refill petrol, i answered petrol station, he look so angry and said "well i'm always refill petrol at Seven Eleven ". I din't answer a wrong rite? hahaha. Just wan tell the truth ma..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

jealous oo

today one of my friend din't drive his car to work, bcoz the car at workshop for maintanance, so i fetch him back today(stay at Bangsar). after reached his house, i shock for few seconds.

so nice oo your house, jealous edi~ hahaha

Monday, July 7, 2008

A little bit time

now have a little bit free so i take the time to update my blog. today at the shop, business not very good, but at least got some result. so until at night ah yeou said wanna go setapak steven corner have our dinner, but who knows he is kidding to us (haha.. we are so serious lo~). so at last we had our dinner at Pudu its a small restoran. Thats all for today.. nothing special. ^.^

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Such a funny video from a hong kong movie.

This video is a part of movie, it quite funny. If feel work pressure can have a look for this video, and the full movie name is "L.For.Love.L.For.Lies" Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


wow.. today sleep till 12pm, bcoz why? today is my offday, after i wake up, i went to bank for bank in cheque to my account(haha save money?).after that i called my friend to play warcraft with me, me and him (2 stupids) sit there for few hour to play a map sommore cant finish the story ,we stoped the game until my dinner time 8pm. after that i played badminton with my shop colleagues until 12am, so now i am very free at here to write my blog. Haha thats all for today.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

枫 - jay chou

at last....

at last my Proton Satria sold at yesterday. it together with me i think was around more than 4years ,its quite hard to let go, alot story behind that, hope that u will get a new and good owner.

Monday, June 23, 2008

how are you?

i broke with u i think have couple of time already, feel so sorry to you, but i have no choice so i have to choose this way, hope you can get ur new life and ofcourse me too..

Friday, June 20, 2008

like it and also hate it

haha.. fai language again? actualy no! make a example? like something i like, hope to get it, but i hate it also bcoz too expensive to me. haha, izzit agree wat i said? fai language always useful for me ga!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Really long time nvr post

haha.. hello my friends, long time din't update my blog already, donno why today feeling to write again hahaha. Today sales very bad, and one of our best friend and leader went to china for holidays, these few day i read alot of news, but almost are bad news. hope these thing will goes faster, hope the ppl who are in suffer will get better.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nothing Is Wasted

Today is 6th of March, still have 4days to go for your birthday, but i would like to say Happy Birthday To You, every years today i will start to countdown for ur birthday,i hope i can do that for u. And i have something to tell u that, nth are waste on you, i dont think that something i done for u is a waste, what i have to do is just what a bf need to do okay?

Sunday, February 24, 2008


i think i wont forget today, 1st time to hold your hand, the feeling quite strong and hard to forget. i hope that will have another time to let me hold ur hand and take care of you. Goodnite~ Have a sweetsweet dream. ^.^

Monday, February 18, 2008

Izzit More Already?

Sorry o.. so late havent sleep.. really cant sleep well.. alot thing to think, keep rolling on bed, alot thing actualy wanna tells. but donno how to tell, just take it like a secret ba, quite happy the time when with u. cant even think that u really follow me go take da tou tie.. how ever.. really thank to you .. i will keep the picture inside my wallet de oo... hahahaha.. 惨了你..

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Still Happy

today feel quite happy... but dunno why? mayb today she sit beside me when watching movie? and talk alot.. hahaha.. how ever.. just feel very very happy for today.. dont forget oo... if i dun fetch u my body will feel not well oo.. haha.. will miss u so much~ gaga

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Always

so fast that already 6thday for chinese new year.. mayb the time of fun are gone fast this sentence is existing. so fast that we gonna go to holidays at PortDickson, i know the time will gone fast, but i know that i will be very happy during this time. and very happy that u are following as well.hahaha, mr chan gonna go back to Australia soon, don't try to forget us oo...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thank you~

thank you very much.. i really get back wat is happy.. i really 诚心的祝你 身体健康, 事事顺利, 心想事成 还有别那么晚才睡. 真的对身体不好. 谢谢你. 还有谢谢你的枕头 哈哈...i sleep now lurr...

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not Bad Wor For This Song

Not Bad Wor For This Song, and hope u 事事顺利, nth to scare.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Really unlucky

today i recieved a call from my sister said about my house get rob, i tot she are kidding with me.. but actualy its thruth. all the thing worth money are gone, my lovely 19" LCD monitor gone also, even my sister pc system just bought at today morning . really feel recently that i am so bad luck, hope everything will past after this chinese new year..

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I will

thank to u all.. i will do my best on it.. wont let u all dissapointed..

Friday, January 11, 2008

Feel Better

Hmm.. feel better today, mayb is only for awhile? later will be sad again? hope not going to happen. thank you to talk so much to me.. really thank you.. make me feel better. chat with u really can forget all the sadness. Chinese new year coming.. wanna say gong xi fa cai to u 1st.. haha

My Life?

Today i know that i really cant put her down. so i call her, at last i know that she already have another new guy to be with her. She told me that im not better than him. Its very hurt, very sad. She forget all our happiness, forget what she told me, izzit a guy have a better position, then the girl will leave the guy are really love her? even dont giv a chances? i am not very understand about these. My friend giv me away, to feel better, but i donno its work or not.. but i will try. Thank you Hong~

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hurt So Bad

哭了 才發現自己真的受傷了Cried, and then realized I was really hurt

你曾對我說你永遠是我的。You once told me you were mine forever

為了愛情我把自己的幸福都忘了For love I gave up my own happiness

你快樂 我就快樂You're happy, then I'm happy

也許,是我們彼此都太年輕了Maybe, we were both too young

總是特別容易沉溺在愛情裡Always too easily drowning in love

每當我再次看到身邊美麗的花火,Every time I see beautiful fireworks beside me again

你已離開我 我還是想對你說:You already left me, but I still want to tell you:

baby I love u so much, 你走了我的心在淌血

baby I love u so much, you left my heart bleeding

baby u hurt me so bad,想要你回到我的世界

baby u hurt me so bad, want you back in my world

baby I love u so much, 你給我的諾言已經瓦解

baby I love u so much, the promise you gave me has already crumbled.

baby u hurt me so bad

只要我們都愛著無論多苦都值得 說好的你怎麼忘記了

As long as we love each other, any pain is bearableYou promised, how could you forget?
Last edited by eileenytheloony

Monday, January 7, 2008

funny video.

have a look for this video.. very funny . Tomorrow my offday, hmm bored only if stay at home, wat to do? but can rest till enough lo. Enjoy the video

Friday, January 4, 2008


Wow.. today really tired for about our shop stocktake. but luckily i am a recoder.. just mark down the number after the ppl culculated. See the picture below, wow.~ but everything already past, still have to work tomorrow. hahaha


Have to sleep early today? tomorrow have to wake early, because why? my working place having a annual stocktake, hahaha. hmm.. Sorry arr Martin really busy, so late to go out lunch with u. and pei wen. failed edi can try again.. if u never giv up i think u will pass it very soon just bei sam gei la..

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

today is 2008/1/1, the 2007 already past no longer come back.. everything starts new, haha.. hope my year 2008 everything "xun xun li li"... every unhappy things will forget soon.. Happy New Year to all my friends~