Wednesday, November 26, 2008


today hang out with some colleagues after work, we went to SKYBAR(fully recomended by Jeffrey lai) , it located at nearby KLCoventionCentre, so we have alot of fun there, chit chat and catch alot of picture. Skybar is a very beutiful place, have a very good view for KL city, so relax, considering go again for this coming Christmas, who wanna join? hahahaha

Saturday, November 22, 2008


我做音乐不是在举办辩论大会 辩论自己对音乐有多会 买的器材有多贵 炫耀自己有多可贵 我的音乐 你们排队 看演唱会 我说得对 我做得对 我的绝对 你会不会?会不会拿音乐来比来比去 那么爱笔 我就去便利商店买支笔给你 来比比比丘比 比丘比丘比丘比 比较来比较去 比较来比较去 比……比卡丘!”

Saturday, November 15, 2008

damn funny

wondering why always go to watch movies, mayb still alone(haha) or nothing better to do? so today nothing special went to watch movie also, the movie name is "Madagascar 2" . wow.. this is very funny movie, luagh non stop from start until the end. worth to check out this kind of funny movie.

and now sit at my room face to my pc , suft the internet and check mail, but i recieved a email name "letter from tang san zhang‏" forward by 1 of my friend. here is the content for the mail , come and have a look .

DAMN!!! laugh out loud!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

James Bond Quantum Of Solace

today went to cineleisure to watch a most hot movie in town "Quantum Of Solace"at 1140pm, at 1st we can't get any ticket online even purchase by credit card, but one of my collegue(Lim) he is so pro because he can get the ticket(summore there are very nice angle to enjoy the movie). but too bad was ask somebody there, but get rejected. luckily the movie story was so excited , so without you, still can enjoy such a good film(hahahaha).

Monday, November 3, 2008


at last, finish 3days at Ikano for the shop(ALL IT HYPERMARKET) grand opening, very happy that can return to lowyat for work, very bored at Ikano , all was so busy. how ever already past and have a very great night yesterday, went to redbox again(celebrate for the end of grand opening?).

new month has come again, have to reset the target , hope a new month have a new and great result!