Friday, January 30, 2009

Jay MV 龙战骑士

放手一搏令谁都惭愧 迎着风急速在超越 那守门之兽展翼将飞 他们却没看过蝴蝶 不懂什么叫有花香的季节 什么叫绿草如茵的旷野 所有关于我的传说全都不对 全都是纸屑全部要改写 对敌人的谦卑抱歉我不会 而远方的龙战于野 咆哮声不自觉横越过了几条街 我坚决冲破这一场浩劫 这世界谁被狩猎 谁淌血我却只为 拯救你的无邪 城墙上我在等魔坠 火焰吞噬无名碑 摧毁却无法击溃 我要爱上谁 废墟怎么被飞雪了解 只能滋长出羊齿蕨 那些仇恨已形成堡垒 我又改怎么去化解 低吼威胁那些龙形的傀儡 他们发不出的音叫心碎 惊觉你你啜泣声迂回如此纯洁 已温柔削铁以爱在谅解 在末日边陲纯爱被隔绝 我在危险的交界 目睹你的一切锈迹班班的眼泪 我坚决冲破这一场浩劫 这世界谁被狩猎 谁淌血我却只为 拯救你的无邪 城墙上我在等魔坠 火焰吞噬无名碑 摧毁却无法击溃 我要爱上谁 我坚决冲破这一场浩劫 这世界谁被狩猎 摧毁却无法击溃 我要爱上谁

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gong Hei Fatt Choi

so fast already 2nd day of new year, tomolo back to work as usual, like not enuf enjoy leh. but anyway, wan to send a regards to all my friends 新年快乐 今年过一个最牛的"牛"年!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


just came back from a movie " Red Criff 2"at Cineplex, it was very nice chinese movie and storyline . b4 the show went to Timessquare with some friends and look for new year cloth and shoe, walk whole night at last bought a Nike shoe, has alot of choices there , the funniest thing is the nike sales person said the shoe i bought match with my uniform very well(that is 1 of the reason why i choose that shoe) haha.
looking forward for the coming movie "All's well End's Well" must be very funny.

here is the shoe while unboxing.

Monday, January 5, 2009

5th of January 2009?

feel the time past so fast, everything like just happened yesterday, still enjoy the feeling for the christmas eve and new year eve, but its already past, izzit waiting for the Chinese New Year coming? already got the feeling for this season, looking forward to this excited day!