Friday, July 25, 2008

was scared

hmm.. yesterday i quoted a consider high end's PC to a customer, but i never request any deposite for the item he was reserved, but very lucky is ,today the customer come back to me and pass me a cheque for the item he was reserved from me(feel very happy but act nothing happen hahahaha). So i collect all the item ready to bring in to technical room for assemble, but the funny is, for the fan of the processor does'nt fit to the motherboard, how can a recommended processor can't fit in the high end motherboard(wat d hell), end's up have to giv two processor fan for free(zzzzzz). But still very happy that can sell a high end PC by my self(hahahaha).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


今天(也许是每天)我又想起她了,其实真的很后悔,当初也许该对她好一点(应该是要很好很好)也许真的不够吧,跟她分开的日子, 我真的真的很想再见她,看她还好吗?有什么改变吗? 没有她在的日子真的有点不习惯(已经分开8个多月了). 到现在也很想跟她说我还很爱她,她相信吗?有用吗?好啦,只想在这里撒些感情(已经知道没有机会的也不想让她知道所以才写华文的),知道她还好还开心就够啦!(很伟大吧?也许是假装的吧?)




Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Haha.. very happy

Just came back from Genting, now already 5.09am, tomorrow(actualy is today) still have to wake up early for work. But still very excited so cant get sleep for now. Today evening 1 of my friend who are studying at Australia, he nvr forget my birthday and call to office while working (so happy). We have our dinner at Gohtong jaya, after our dinner we decided to go up Genting hill. After we reached Genting, one of my friend bring me to 1st World casino and won RM110(so lucky huh?), after that we drink and talk at Hotel Resort Coffee Bean. Too bad is, when going back home i meet a police roadblock and paid RM50 because over meter. But i still very happy because i get few presents from my bestfriends. Thx to u all!!!

Kungfu Panda ThumbDrive 2GB
GoldKey Necklace
Transcend 250GB External HardDisk

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

21st Birthday yeah~

happy birthday to me , happy birthday to me , happy birthday to my self, happy birthday to me~ 恭祝我福寿与天齐,兴贺我生圣快乐, 年年都有今日, 岁岁都有今朝, 恭喜我恭喜我!! yeah.
so fast i am 21st years old now, here i wan to say alot, but i make it short, thanks to all my friends and family, bring me alot happiness and good memorial. After work i will celebrate with all my friends and colleagues at Genting today, look forward for it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just want to tell the truth

Today after work, my friend asked me where to refill petrol, i answered petrol station, he look so angry and said "well i'm always refill petrol at Seven Eleven ". I din't answer a wrong rite? hahaha. Just wan tell the truth ma..

Thursday, July 10, 2008

jealous oo

today one of my friend din't drive his car to work, bcoz the car at workshop for maintanance, so i fetch him back today(stay at Bangsar). after reached his house, i shock for few seconds.

so nice oo your house, jealous edi~ hahaha

Monday, July 7, 2008

A little bit time

now have a little bit free so i take the time to update my blog. today at the shop, business not very good, but at least got some result. so until at night ah yeou said wanna go setapak steven corner have our dinner, but who knows he is kidding to us (haha.. we are so serious lo~). so at last we had our dinner at Pudu its a small restoran. Thats all for today.. nothing special. ^.^

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Such a funny video from a hong kong movie.

This video is a part of movie, it quite funny. If feel work pressure can have a look for this video, and the full movie name is "L.For.Love.L.For.Lies" Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


wow.. today sleep till 12pm, bcoz why? today is my offday, after i wake up, i went to bank for bank in cheque to my account(haha save money?).after that i called my friend to play warcraft with me, me and him (2 stupids) sit there for few hour to play a map sommore cant finish the story ,we stoped the game until my dinner time 8pm. after that i played badminton with my shop colleagues until 12am, so now i am very free at here to write my blog. Haha thats all for today.