Friday, October 24, 2008

Core i7 architecture

today went to an very useful Intel new CPU training, the name Core 2 Duo no more, come out another name call "Core i7" the cpu are runing a new technology, the Fsb is replaced by Quickpath its runing 4.8 GT/s to 6.4 GT/s major improve compare with FSB. The memory controller is on the processor, no more seprate chip , the memory support DDR3 Ram and runing 3channel( only support DDR3), etc. So this is the major improvement for the intel chip, will wait for the processor come out, Intel confirmed that the release will occur in November, but did not specify a date. so guys, its time to change processor again!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pefect day

today sunday right? but i wonder why that the business so bad today , all people just walking around.

At the night went to watch the new movie "Max Payne" but the time is 11.10pm, what should do after work 8.00pm? so walk around Sg Wang, and very lucky that i can still found a Jay Chou lastest original CD+DVD (魔杰座 support original! haha) also walk around Lot10 and PAvilion. Wait until the movie start, that is very good movie and sound system, the bullet sound and slow motion u can reliaze that was a very famous game b4, hope to install again but the CD gone(still cd not dvd).

how ever this a very nice movie and very worth to watch it, and dont forget to buy jay chou original nice!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Such a nice film

today went to watch "Connected"保持通話 cast by Loius koo, Big S, Nick Cheong ,Liu Ye etc, the story was remake of the Hollywood film "Cellular". The storylines are wonderful and funny. This film very worth to watch it, check out this film since it gonna be expired in cinema.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

everything will be okay

just sent u a msg. that's a msg that was long time in my heart, at last i sent it to you by today. i think everything will be fine after this.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sister Wedding

Yesterday was the very good memorable day, bcoz that was my sister wedding dinner last night, and 1st time to see my father and mother look so happy, and special thank to all my buddy to attend the dinner. Drink too much for last night(haha dont know why not sleepy yet, usually 2 bottle will make me fall in sleep) might be happy and excited.

So today i woke up so early, bcoz i am the guy to open the car door for my Brother-in-Law. took alot picture will upload soon. Cheers~