Monday, September 21, 2009

september update

recently seldom to update my blog ya. so today is Hari Raya 2nd day and its my offday too, seldom can off in public holiday but consider bored also, because my family went to holidays and i am the only one left in my house(hahaha). wow.. times are really fast, my last post was in august(means that more than 1 month i nvr update my blog). so up next will be our special day "MoonCake Festival" 中秋节, so what is ur plan? ^^


chin said...

go find "he he he", do "ha ha ha" at "ho ho ho". - chin

yihong said...

so, who's the hehehe, what's the hahaha, and where's the hohoho?

Fai said...

meh hehehe?